The Datafree Technologies ‘reverse billed’ platform allows subscribers in South Africa and other nearby countries to access #datafree enabled Applications and Websites without incurring mobile data charges – similar to a 1800 number in Australia, but for websites.

Optimus has developed various tools and other features to make the process of providing #datafree access as easy as possible

This is the list of projects completed to date:

  • MAX Product Application development documentation and tutorial – you can try it here
  • REACH Product Developer Workbench and documentation to help build #datafree websites by re-writing urls within web content – more information here
  • CONNECT Product development to provide #datafree access to websites by mobile apps via secure VPN
  • Traffic Monitor to log requests and ensure that all content is served #datafree
  • XML Validator to ensure the ongoing quality of #datafree applications
  • Billing system based on #datafree usage by country
  • Goal Zero – a #datafree soccer application – now embedded in the Moya App – you can download here